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Counter Top Epoxy



Epoxy counter top  gold aztec 

Counter Top Epoxy Features

  1. It is water resistant 
  2. It is UV resistant, nonfading
  3. It is scratch resistant
  4. It is temperature resistant up to 500 degrees
  5. Zero VOC(100% non toxic) with LEED IEQ 4.2 cert(environment certification)
  6. It can go over any substrate; plywood, tile, MDF, laminate, formica...etc.

A red epoxy  resine counter  It gives a unique appeal while delievering functionality offered with the above six listed items. The price combined with the functionality and the look delivers one of the best options for counter tops. 

The application process is painless and simple enough for anyone to do. Test kits are available to try out and make yourself comfortable with the product.


The application of counter top epoxy is simple. The instructions are formatted to try and cover all issues that someone may have with application. There are also youtube videos as well as phone support for help with the actual application.  

The process is simple though and can be separated down into

  1. Mixing the epoxy
    1. Mixing colors to the epoxy
  2. Laying down the epoxy
  3. Torching the epoxy.
It is easy and simple to do as long as the instructions are followed.




  An Epoxy Countertop with a black base coat mixed into the Epoxy Poured onto the countertop and then more epoxy mixed with a white base coat poured ontop of the black.


 Epoxy Countertop Marble Mountain

 The kit Marble Mountain


Customization with Epoxy



 Before and After